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1. Best Online Casino for Kiwi Players

Casino Kingdom

4.9 / 5


  • 550+ HD games
  • Certified safe & secure
  • 24/7 live online support

Voted Best Casino
by Kiwi Players

2. Best Online Casino for Kiwi Players

Cosmo Casino

4.9 / 5


  • 550+ HD games
  • Certified safe & secure
  • 24/7 live online support

The Internet’s true power is in bringing people exactly what they want – in real-time. When it comes to gaming, there is no longer a need to drive or fly to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or the Australian Gold Coast. You can get a great experience from the right online casino.

Not only that, but you can expand your reach beyond any single geographic location! If you want to spend half of the day playing poker in Vegas and the other half rolling slots in Brisbane, the Internet makes this a reality.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the advantages of playing casino online.

We researched all the eligible online casinos for New Zealanders and we are happy to recommend only the best ones which were in a league of their own. We present to you, Casino Kingdom and Cosmo Casino.

The Advantages of Playing Online

The Online Casino Benefit Package

If you enjoy the benefit packages that come with gaming at quality casinos, then online gaming is your environment. Imagine a casino without the need to pay employees, overhead, health insurance, building rent, or local taxes.

Online casinos forego a majority of these costs, if not all. The money they save goes directly back to you in the form of benefits! Compare online casinos to their offline counterparts. You will find that online casinos have higher jackpots and more enticing incentives to join.

Flexibility in Gameplay

You can find a poker game with players on your level instantly. You can switch away from cards to slots with the click of a mouse. You can choose slots with the aesthetic that fits your mood in real-time. Receive updates on new gaming opportunities instantly and move there with a single mouse click to beat the queue and play first. No matter how many different types of games you want to play in a session, you are not limited by geography or the options of any single casino.

Convenient Banking

There is a reason so many professional gamers connect their main bank accounts directly to their casino accounts – the security and convenience of online game financing have advanced beyond the majority of business industries.

Gaming is one of the most highly scrutinized industries in the world. In order to accept modern forms of payment, online casinos must navigate a virtual sea of regulations. Doing financial business in the gaming industry is not only more convenient than ever, but it may be one of the safest transfer paths for your money in the online world.

Speaking of money, payouts are more immediate. You can literally win online today and spend it in the real world tomorrow.

24/7 Gameplay at Your Fingertips

Anytime you want to game, you can game online. Don’t worry about finding a slot at 3 in the morning or dealing with the hours at your local gaming hub. If you want to find a hand or a slot, a few mouse clicks will get you there! This convenience serves professionals as well as weekend warriors, because there is always an opportunity to make money.

24/7 convenience and connected banking means that your cash flow never has to slow down – not for a club owner, not for a tilted machine, not for a blinding snow blizzard, not for your lazy friends, not for anything!

Joining a New Online Casino

What You Need To Know

Now that you know the major benefits of joining the exciting world of online gaming, it is time to choose your casino. Keep in mind that not all casinos are the same! There are some things to watch for so that you can choose the experience that is best for you. Here are a few things to look out for so that you commit to the right gaming environment.


Make sure that your preferred casino employs SSL Data Encryption for your protection. The easiest way to recognize this is through the URL – encrypted sites display “https” instead of “http” when they are opened. The most secure casinos will also submit their sites to relevant gaming regulators, and these casinos will showcase their relationship to the regulator prominently on the website. You may even call through to a regulatory body to check on the validity of a casino before you make the decision to join.

Customer Support

Using any technology requires assistance, but especially when your money is involved. Having top-notch security is great, but it must be supplemented through dedicated human customer support. Make sure there are multiple ways to contact a knowledgeable individual – email, phone, live chat. Before you commit to any casino, you may also want to check the customer service just to see if they are working on the level they say they are.

The Games

Using any technology requires assistance, but especially when your money is involved. Having top-notch security is great, but it must be supplemented through dedicated human customer support. Make sure there are multiple ways to contact a knowledgeable individual – email, phone, live chat. Before you commit to any casino, you may also want to check the customer service just to see if they are working on the level they say they are.


The flexibility of your finances makes all the difference in the world of online gaming. When you are in the heat of a great session, the last thing that you need is a disruption in your cash flow. Depending on the casino that you choose, you can have a great experience here or a poor one.

Check to see if your preferred casino offers the latest and greatest payment methods – PaySafe, Paypal, etc. These payment methods process the fastest, and they are also the safest. You should also check to see if your deposit method works in two ways and serves as a withdrawal method as well. If you don’t get this kind of two-way service, then you may find yourself frustrated during a fast moving gaming session.

The Best Casino Software

You have chosen the online casino for you based on a thorough assessment of their features, and you are happy with your choice. Your next step is to ensure that the software, your connection to the casino “motherboard,” is working properly and maintained on a consistent basis. A casino can be absolutely perfect as it sits on its server. If your connection to it wavers, you never get to experience it!

Let’s take a look at what you must demand out of your online casino software.

Ease of Use

Modern casino software is made to be intuitive. You should be able to perform basic functions without much of a tutorial. Look for a streamlined, accessible way to access cash flow and quickly get signed up for the games that you want to participate in. How easy is the installation process? Do you understand the basics of the interface? Both of these questions should be answered in the affirmative before you ever think of moving forward.


Maintaining top security means that many components of your online casino experience are working together. The back end server must have its own encryption. However, the software that connects you to the backbone and serves as your interface needs strong security as well. Look for a guarantee of SSL encrypted data and separate protections for the major divisions of malware. This includes viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware. In many cases, basic virus protection does not account for ransomware, so ask detailed questions.


Now that you know the package is properly protected, you can begin hunting for internal bugs that may slow down your gaming experience. Virus protection and other security are usually handled from the outside by a third party. However, the internal programming of the software that you are using is a completely different issue.

The more streamlined the code, the faster your experience (usually) and the less of an opportunity there is for a hacker to break in from the customer side. You can usually find out about a company’s reputation from online review sites. Check the pros and the cons, because you need to make a decision from a fully objective viewpoint.

Additional Features

The basic features that your casino software provides are just a base. “Additional features” are now becoming par for the course rather than luxuries, and top software companies are competing based upon their ability to provide bonus features specific to the audience they are trying to attract.

For instance, busy gamers may enjoy a feature that allows for an automated gaming strategy while they do other things on the computer. When it comes to these additional features, you may need to choose based on your personal preferences. You may also have to give up a few features for others. However, if certain features are not relevant to you, then the choice will be easy.

In short, the best casino software depends on your relationship with it. Take stock of your needs as an individual gamer first before you commit to any of the casino software programs on the market now. This choice will affect your gaming experience for a long time!

Online Casino Bonuses

Let’s get to the good stuff – the bonuses. Your sign-up bonus may not be a principal deciding factor, but it can definitely be a tiebreaker. As mentioned before, your bonus online may be much higher than traditional bonuses – online casinos spend much less on overhead, insurance, and manpower. Those savings get passed on to you (or they should) as bonuses.

Click the toggles below to find out more about each type of bonus:

  • The 1st Deposit Bonus

    One of the best bonus types is the 1st Deposit Bonus – an extra credit that is given to you as soon as you make your first deposit into the casino bank. These bonuses are usually gradated, meaning that you get more of a bonus if you put more money in your initial deposit

  • Match Bonus

    If you find a match bonus, you can quickly double, triple or otherwise multiply your money on your initial deposit (and possibly on deposits after that). The match bonus means that the casino matches your deposit with free credits. Check the percentages – they can get pretty high if you deal with the right casinos! There may be limits on match bonuses, so don’t think that you can come in with an unlimited amount of money only to cash out, however.

  • Sticky Bonus

    If you are the recipient of a sticky bonus, you will not be able to cash out and run to the bank. These are bonuses that must be used inside of the casino. However, these are bonuses that may be given out before you make your first deposit to the casino. There will be wagering requirements before you can cash out any winnings, but as soon as you meet these criteria, you will be able to use those credits as if you deposited them yourself.

  • Loyalty Bonus

    Loyalty bonuses are obviously not given on the first deposit, and as such, are usually the mark of a longstanding casino that you can trust. The loyalty bonus may be given for a number of reasons – consistent play, a high level of play, or simply being a member in a casino for a particular period of time. Loyalty bonuses may play out in the form of free spins or monthly match programs that are similar to, but not identical to, sign up bonuses.

  • Deposit Bonus

    If you do business with the right casino, you may be able to procure a bonus for every deposit that you make with the business. You can also think of this bonus as a discount. In most cases, the initial deposit bonus will be the highest, and subsequent deposit bonuses will taper off.

  • Referral Bonus

    Some of the best bonuses are reserved for casino members that refer friends. If one of your buddies is thinking about online gaming, make sure that you take advantage here (these are usually some of the biggest)!

Mobile Online Casinos

If you have decided to join the world of online casino gameplay, you are coming in at a great time. Mobile casino apps make it easier than ever to take your casino experience wherever you go.

You may think that you have to give up gameplay, graphics, or audio to fit an online casino into a mobile device. This is not the case! Technology has improved to the point that the mobile casino is just as immersive of an experience as any other. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can expect by choosing a mobile casino platform.

Increased Security

Believe it or not, security for mobile casinos rivals that of traditional online casinos. The technical backbone for mobile casinos is no less robust than any other. However, there is usually less coding that goes into a mobile casino – it is more compact. As such, malicious users have fewer backdoors to pry open. Because it is more difficult for them to get in, they tend to leave mobile casinos alone for greener pastures.

What does this mean for you? You get a safer experience with just as much fun and excitement as the desktop casino environment!

Higher Bonuses

A more compact structure means a less-expensive structure. Mobile casinos require a lower initial investment than traditional casinos, meaning that the investors can pass along that extra money to you in the form of bonuses! Most casinos are trying to build up their mobile audiences as well. They are more than willing to try to entice new business through extremely attractive sign-up bonuses and loyalty offers.

New Gameplay Ideas

Everyone knows that commerce, in general, is moving into the mobile space. The world of casinos is no different. New generations of players are looking to mobile-first applications because they are moving around in life with their mobile phones on their hips all the time. This means that casino designers and owners will put their new ideas in the mobile space first. If you are looking for new modes of play, new environments, and exciting, immersive experiences, the mobile environment is where to be!

Simpler Gameplay

Obviously, the mobile space has less room for controls than the traditional casino environment. Casino designers must learn how to incorporate complex gameplay into simple controls. The result is a simpler mode of gameplay that attracts beginners and experts alike. Designers will also make use of new technologies such as touchscreens, location-based options, and even virtual and augmented reality.

Easy Payment Support

One of the best reasons to play casino in the mobile environment is the convenience of payment options. There are now many accessible payment options that are much easier to access in the mobile environment. Keeping your banking structure and your gameplay platform within the same operating system can speed up your cash flow and ensure the safety of your investments as well.

More Games

The mobile casino has to fit many games into a small space. As a result, you can usually find more gaming options in closer proximity to each other with the right platform. Jump from game to game with little more than a finger touch or a screen swipe!


  • Which online casinos are best in New Zealand?

    The best online casino in New Zealand depends on what you are looking for. It could depend on things like bonus features, selection of games, deposit and withdrawal methods, and customer service. Right now, our highest rated casinos are Casino Kingdom and Cosmo Casino.

  • Is online gambling legal in New Zealand?

    Yes, online gambling is legal in New Zealand. The casino games for these casinos are provided by Microgaming Software, an industry leader who develops many games for trusted online casinos and are regulated by eCOGRA.

  • Can I win real money?

    Absolutely! You can win real money from all of the casinos we’ve reviewed. This has been tried and tested.

  • How do I know if an online casino is safe?

    All the casinos we have reviewed are safe, and the easiest way to recognize this is through the URL – encrypted sites display “https” instead of “http” when they are opened. Also, secure casinos will submit their sites to relevant gaming regulators and showcase their relationship on their websites.